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Ieeng Solution is a technological advice firm founded in 2010, with passion of three engineers and the “Remote Control of Electronic Device with Innovative System of HCI” project approved under the “Accordo di Programma Quadro Giovani” Notice.

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We provide winsome interfaces and templates that encourage a new user experience; the development of dynamic portals makes web surfing available from different devices.

Our SEO specialists, with an organised strategy, will improve the index of your websites to achieve a good positioning on web.


We develop our web applications following the most modern trends, with simple and immediate interfaces.

We take care of the logic of your business and the needs you want to achieve, using a dynamic language combined to a modern UI/UX to facilitate its performance and improve the result.


We develop mobile apps and create the restyle of your website to make it useable by mobile devices.

The number of accesses from smartphones and tablets exceeded that of PCs, so it’s imperative to develop a easily navigable site from any device or adapt a mobile application for your business.


We realize web design projects and other products. From UI/UX of you website to social advertising campaigns; from creating a brand identity to stationery for your business.

We always keep up on innovative visual trends and user experiences so we can create the perfect design for our customers.


We analyze your needs, from positioning to developed traffic, with particular focus on targeting to deliver the technology solution that suits your business project.

We give you total support in planning and implementing your IT network strutcture. Therefore, we offer you the best solutions for web hosting.


We help you in the design, planning and implementation of your IT infrastructure.

We are the perfect partner to guide you in the creation and management of new IT infrastructures and for upgrading and optimizating existing infrastructures, maximizing your ICT budget and improving your perfomance.

Improve your company workflow

We have created a bundle of products that will help you streamline your workflow and increase your team’s efficiency.

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